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Our Mission

We aim to provide a sanctuary for all to visit.  We welcome you to embrace and be a part of Walton Spiritualist Church with us. We hold services on Wednesday evenings at 7.30pm and Sunday evenings at 6.30pm with various events throughout the year. Please see our events page for details. There is a public car park. Please use the turning adjacent to the church turning, beside the Peugeot dealers.  


Walton Spiritualist Church hold regular demonstrations of mediumship during our services and at special events. Everyone is welcome to attend. Please join us and either just sit in the energy and observe or take part, there is no pressure to take part. 

Our Story

Walton Spiritualist Church is a purpose built church and has been on the present site for over 85 years.  It has a small committee dedicated to working to keep the church open for people wanting to join together in their belief of Spiritualism . We are self funded and rely on donations from members and visitors.  Our funds are used to maintain the church, keep its doors open. 

  Demonstrations of Mediumship for March 2023


1st = Joanna Smith

5th = Sarah Norris

8th = Sue Ellis

12th = Esi

15th = Denise & Les Pilgrim

19th = Kevin Trefry

22nd = Joyce Phillips

26th = David Cole

29th = Irene Hall

Sunday services start at 6.30pm

Wednesday services start at 7.30pm

See our Events Page for upcoming special events including:

Multi medium evening on Saturday 8th October

 Workshop with Wanda Bolton on Sunday 23rd October

Special evening with Jenny Docherty Saturday 12th November.


We encourage people to reserve seats if more than 2 people are coming together by texting the church number on 07593 552362 telling us how many seats they wish to reserve and what name they want to reserve them under.  If you don't turn up in good time before the service your seats may be given to people who come on the door.


NEW! We have a  HEALING BOOK  at the church as we all seem to know someone who needs healing sent to them right now. Please  text  07593 552362 and just type 'Healing for (and then the persons name/names)'               


Church News:


Church Membership .   Church membership is available now at only £10 for the year.  If you would like to support the church further please do become a member. You will be eligible for a 10% discount on foyer cabinet items for sale & a discount on special event tickets on proof of membership.

'Sponsor or Dedicate a Seat' -  You can have your name attached to a seat of your choice within the church for a mere £20 for the year. The same seat will be yours for every standard service throughout the year. Once you inform us you may be attending, we will keep this same seat for you regardless of how busy we get. You can dedicate a seat in memory of a loved one for £5 for a year.  a commemorative sticker will be added to the back of the chair.

Please do get in touch for any questions. Thank you in advance.



We now have a range of Crystals and attractive gifts and greetings cards for sale in the foyer. These are very reasonably priced. Please take time to look and buy something and help to support the church for us all to enjoy. 



We have a free audio book library at the church. This is free to members and non members to hire audio tapes and some CD's for the duration of the lockdown. Please ask for information or just pick up a book tape to borrow for yourself or lend to someone, when on your way out of the church. 




​Welcome to Our Site!

Our intention is to create a place for people to come where they may get comfort and upliftment in their lives through the communion with spirit.

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